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The Battle You Can’t See

The Attack On Human Life!

There is an attack on righteousness and on human life in general.


Our lives are not our own. We have been given the gift of life by God. God and man have a common enemy and it is not human. It is called the God of this world because it has a very powerful influence on what we see and hear. God created Satan as Lucifer, the highest ranking angel of all. Lucifer, however, wasn’t content to worship and serve his Creator. Full of pride, he rebelled, leading a third of the angels. Unable to match the Almighty God, Lucifer was cast to the earth where he has operated as the devil ever since.

The biblical passages of Job, Isaiah 14:12-15, Matthew 4:3-10, and Revelation 12:7-12 provide a glimpse of Satan’s history and character.

warGod did not create Lucifer as evil but allowed the potential for sin. While God cannot commit sin, He doesn’t take it away from those who do. When Lucifer chose to rebel, he instantly became the author of sin. Evil is the result of a free-will choice by Lucifer. We have been given the same choice. Sin is a choice that you have to make consciously.

Satan and sin don’t foil God’s divine purposes. Evil in stark contrast to good, shows God’s mercy to whom He chooses to provide salvation. God uses evil and demons for His divine purposes (1 Samuel 16:15-16).

Satan fears God’s predestined plan: salvation, new heaven, and new earth for His chosen people who are made holy, perfectly moral, and volitionally loving. He will prove that He is victorious over evil and evil beings who follow Satan’s ways. Personal peace of mind about Satan and evil comes from being God-centered. God rules forever!

bibleSatan was here on Earth before Jesus came in the Flesh already attempting to discredit God to mankind. That was thousands of years ago. Which means he Satan has had thousand of years to prepare for us and I am only 40 years old. How can I at 40 years old compete in wisdom with an entity that is thousands of years old without learning to fight from a being that is also thousands of years older?