She Hate Me

She Hate Me is a 2004 independent comedy-drama film directed by Spike Lee and starring Anthony Mackie, Kerry Washington, Ellen Barkin, Monica Bellucci, Brian Dennehy, Woody Harrelson, Bai Ling, and John Turturro. The film garnered controversy, and, as with many of Lee's films, touches on comedy, drama, and politics.

I think it is a masterpiece

John Henry "Jack" Armstrong (Anthony Mackie) is a Harvard graduate and a financially successful, upwardly mobile executive at a biotechnology firm. After a colleague commits suicide, Armstrong uncovers corrupt business practices and attempts to blow the whistle. He's promptly fired on false grounds of security fraud, and his assets are frozen. Things are looking bleak, when all of a sudden his ex-fiancée Fatima Goodrich (Kerry Washington), who came out as a lesbian and broke up with him four years ago, turns up at his door. She and her girlfriend Alex Guerrero (Dania Ramirez) offer him a proposition: they want babies, and they're willing to offer him $10,000 dollars to impregnate them both. After he reluctantly agrees, Fatima brings him friends of hers, all of whom likewise want kids and are willing to pay him $10,000 to impregnate them.

She Hate Me

Lesbos who got the D

Meanwhile, he pushes for his whistleblowing to be taken seriously.

None of the reviews online really does this movie the justice it deserves. It really blew my mind to see how Spike Lee masterfully tied in his political activism. I think most people missed the real point of this movie, being too busy focusing on the sex scenes. There was a quote at the beginning of the movie which really stood out and was very significant to this movie which came from an African Proverb.

To not know is bad, to not wish to know is worse!

She Hate Me was really all about the "Whistleblower".

Such as:

Frank Wills

Frank Wills

Image from the African American Registry.

Frank Wills was born on this date in 1948. He was an African American Security guard at the Watergate office complex in Washington D. C.
From Aiken County, South Carolina, he was a principal player in the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon. On duty on the night of June 17, 1972, he noticed a strip of tape holding a door unlocked. He removed the tape and when he later saw another piece of tape in its place, he became suspicious and called the District of Columbia police. The unlocked door led to the offices of the Democratic National Committee. Inside, police found a group of burglars, some with electronic bugging equipment. The burglars had ties to the Committee to Reelect the President (Nixon) and thus began the Watergate scandal that 22 months later forced President Nixon to resign.
Though Wills played himself in the movie "All The President's Men" that told the story of the Watergate scandal, Wills never recovered from his moments of fame. After his part in history, he quit his job as a security guard because he did not receive a raise for his role in discovering the burglary. Wills worked for the comedian/activist Dick Gregory, lived in the Bahamas, and had a Harry Nilsson album dedicated to him. He made some money on the talk show circuit but was unable to hold down a steady job. He returned home to South Carolina in the mid-70s and cared for his stroke victim mother for several years.
He was convicted of shoplifting in 1983. After her death in 1993, he was so destitute that he was washing his clothes in a bucket until James Kilby founded an organization, Treat Every American Right (TEAR) to raise money for Wills. Frank Wills died penniless from a brain tumor on September 27th, 2000.
Ebony Magazine
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Equal Rights For Divorce Fathers

Equal Rights For Divorce Fathers

I came across this movie at the perfect time in my life to really be able to see it in a new light. Right now, I am a whistleblower. Currently involved in a court case with Attorney Kurt Harris due to a website I published for a potential client, exposing corruption and fraud in a company formally known as Equal Rights For Divorced Fathers. Case No: A-18-781255-C, in which it was brought to my attention by this client that Kurt Harris was the new owner and that he heard that the company was involved in fee splitting with non-attorneys. Helping paralegals engage in the unauthorized practice of law. Failure to have a business license for the paralegal service he was running. Failure to pay payroll taxes because everyone was working off of the books and under the table, failure to report income.

Upon being given this information by my client I accepted the offer to help expose this information. I then searched for the domain name and it was available so I purchased it on behalf of my client. Upon receiving the information he wanted me to post I told him it would be up in 24 hours at which point he can look at it, add or make changes to the content. After the content was posted the client was never seen or spoken to after that at which point the website was removed.

This organization previously has been a legacy in the Las Vegas community for about 30 years. Equal Rights For Divorced Fathers has helped countless fathers be reunited with their children.  I was around during this time helping the previous owner Ernest Del Casal. After Ernest sold the company to Kurt Harris I stopped visiting the place.

According to recent reviews:

a year ago
Not worth the time or money. I went through a divorce and now I need help but they want to charge to submit paperwork to the courts and refer you to an attorney to do the rest. Hire an attorney and he will do it for you and go to court with you. This place is trying to make money not help you. I was more confused when I walked out. They try to use legal terms to confuse you and make you feel like you need them.

11 months ago-

Equal rights for divorced fathers in Las Vegas is awful. I went to see Scott to file a child support motion on a Friday and he told me to come back Monday with all paperwork and it would be between 200-250 for a motion. I get there on Monday with all the paperwork and he tells me he can’t do it because he “ had clients”. I was their with cash so I was wondering how am I not a client. He then referred me out to a woman for the paperwork for 350 dollars. I get to woman’s office and I see another guy from equal rights for divorced fathers their in waiting room.

This place needs to change name and I am helping the word get out that they could care less about helping dads. This place has changed for the worst and do not go their.

a year ago-
All about the money baby! ! George Boyer is the type of guy to tell you anything after getting you're money, I was on crunch time to get a counter response done and the idiot lied to me and told me he sent a copy to the judge via email I take accountability For me being late getting it done that's all my fault the only part I didn't respect is him telling me he sent a copy to the judge and when I went to family court after my hearing the lady at the window asked me why im filing the paper late i explained to her what george told me and she said it was a lie the judge gets the paperwork through me filing not in an email, Then you got the little guy in the office running the joint like it's the service "who you waiting on? " like ppl sit there for fun,all about the money that about it after they get it it's like mood changes,I had so much stuff I wanted to say in my counter and they give you a sheet saying keep you're response to a certain minimum which is hard when it's you're kid you're fighting for getting paid $125-150 and you want someone to keep their response a couple lines long is hard and seemed to agitate George that I wanted to feel like I'm getting my money's worth.I ended up getting joint sole and physical custody without turning in the counter or using their "recommended " lawyer. I honestly feel like you get what you pay for going here,can't say the service was useless or not helpful but when you lie to someone who you've been hitting over the head every visit $120 here $150 there it is going to reflect on the service,no need to lie I asked him about 4 days before my hearing how the judge is going to go over my response in such short time and he actually told me he sent a copy to the judge's email.Live and learn I know to get things done sooner even if I need to take off work,and also to stack my money so I can pay lawyers if I want better service in the future
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