Logo Design


Let’s start by using our logo maker “Looka” — it takes your design preferences and uses the power of artificial intelligence to come up with custom logos.


Logo design for your business is the cornerstone of your brand identity. It’s one of the first things that customers will notice about your company, so it’s essential that it makes an excellent first impression. Custom AI Logo Design is a futuristic graphic design tool we use to get ideas for your brand.

Your logo lets people know what you do; it conveys your brand personality and distinguishes your company from your competitors’. It also helps people recognize and remember your brand when they see advertisements, flyers, and social media posts.

Logo Design Ideas

There are five best practices that you must follow when designing a professional company logo: It should grab attention, make a strong first impression, be simple yet memorable, and most of all, be appropriate for your brand and industry.


According to G2 Learning Land:

Ask 10 people to design a logo for you and they’ll all charge you a different price.

Twitter paid iStock $15 for their logo. Nike paid a graphic design student $35 for their logo. BP paid $211,000,000 to a design agency.

How can this ambiguity help prepare companies who are trying to budget for creating a logo?

It can’t.

There is no one logo designer that all companies go to, meaning that there’s no one price for a logo. The frustration here is valid because all of these designers are essentially providing the same thing: a logo.




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