KEEXS Classic 3.0 – Ijinle Limited Edition (Unisex Sneakers)


100% Black Owned Shoes

“IJINLE” in the Yoruba language means “the roots”, “authentic, “ancestors”, and other more powerful meanings. Our custom print draws inspiration from “IBILE” and elements of our KEEXS DNA. It is our time now. Support the cause by sporting these 100% Black Owned Shoes.

·         AFROCENTRIC: drums, cowries, beads, masks

·         INNOVATIVE: smartphones, chips, circuit boards

·         SOCIAL: people, love, power fist, giving back

·         SPORTY: a KEEXS sneaker silhouette

·         URBAN: cityscape, national theatre, speakers,

·         RED: KEEXS brand color, energy, and love

·         BLUE: Lagos lagoon and Ocean


This classic 3.0 is our 3rd version of an upgrade from the IBILE Collection released in 2017 with a lighter, improved non-slip outsole and more refined vegan leather upper.

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100% Black Owned Shoes!

I like this pair of African designed shoes better than the Kaepernick Nikes and as an African myself I would rather support our own designers than keep giving our money to people who care nothing for us. I welcome you to support this 100% African owned brand rather than the Nikes.


We are the first innovative and social footwear brand in Africa!

To pioneer innovation in the footwear industry, bring exciting designs to life and empower through socially-oriented
projects. The KEEXS footwear brand is an African inspired range of casual footwear designed for people who are expressive and unapologetic for style choices.

Chop Knuckle!

Our logo is “The Fist Bump” signifying interconnectivity between people, across cultures, borders, differences, skin color, and religion. Every time you wear KEEXS and meet others like you wearing KEEXS, say hello with the Fist Bump and celebrate the positive impact we will make in Africa.

If we don’t support our own people, who will? 

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