Hi, Welcome to Michael Franklin Jr. Live on YouTube.

Michael Franklin Jr. Live on YouTube just to talk about random news as it comes along. I will be developing websites on my live broadcast when no one is really watching.

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Michael Franklin Jr. Live is a place where I just talk about random stuff with anyone who wants to talk to me on a live broadcasted show. I will be going live at random places doing random stuff just because I can, and hope that you are watching.

There is no specific topic on Michael Franklin Jr. live. I just want to talk about everything and give my opinion on stuff and get paid for it like everyone else is doing right now. If there is anything you want to discuss or share on my live broadcast, hit my cash app for anything over $50.

My goal is to create a marketing and advertising company that everyone can be proud of. As a person with an artistic background which stems from my Mother who was a terrific artist. I am choosing to use my gifts and talents to mold the world around me into a work of art. All while enjoying this created world made by the one true God.

On Michael Franklin Jr. Live you can request topics that you want to hear my opinion on. Nothing is off-limits for me. Let’s Chat!