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Michael Franklin Jr.com One Year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to me!

It has been a very interesting year for me. I have accomplished some very awesome milestones bringing me closer to my success goals.

MCNM Marketing Levels




I have created a new plan for The MCNM Marketing Network which now includes Level Up! Now instead of paying separate fees for each service we offer now you can just add us to your payroll for much less than you would pay an employee to do the job and we can handle all of your marketing needs. No matter what Level your company is at we can take you to a new level. Level Up!


I’m Tripping!

Throughout this year, we have worked to develop our Travel Club. We are still planning on going on trips with our close friends and family, but we are still waiting for them to catch up. We are ready when they are, but if they don’t join us soon their invitation to the banquet will be given to someone else who will appreciate it.

Pause For The Cause!

I have also begun a couple of Crowdfunding campaigns and have been getting great responses. As usual, many are interested but afraid to pull the trigger. They have not yet learned the principle of giving, but don’t worry about it I will teach you. This New Year for MichaelFranklinJr.com is going to be great for everyone.

Youth Technology Laboratory!

During this year, I have also put together a curriculum to teach children and young adults how to put together websites, blogs, and how to use social media to make more money on the internet. This is a project that I am very excited about because just like our Crowdfunding Community, it is based on the passion of the recipient. What better way to live than living you dream life and getting paid for it. Learn more >>>

Getting Geeked Up!image

Don’t worry I am not talking about doing drugs. I am talking about being sober-minded and be Geeked Up about life and living it to the fullest. My ultimate goal is to create jobs that people want, doing what they already love to do, whether it is playing games, watching movies, trying out the latest technology trends. We are here to show how to monetize what you love to do already. How does that sound to you? Awesome right! Learn more>>>


These are just a few of my accomplishments throughout this year. Continue surfing through my site to see some of my other projects. Thanks for visiting and wishing me a Happy Work Anniversary.