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As the principle founder of MCNM Marketing, I am looking forward to great things to come. I have been learning a lot about the internet marketing business as well as graphic design while not only building my own websites but websites for many others. I am now planning to get them all together to put together a major investment corporation.

cropped-mcnm-logoMCNM is an acronym which stands for many things. Two of my favorites are Mimic Christ Not Man and second Michael & Cherise Network Marketing. If you don’t already know Cherise is my lovely wife. I have been working on the MCNM project since 2006. Since then it has evolved from a network marketing company with Global Domains International into an all around, multi-faceted marketing and design firm. We own and maintain several of our own website projects as well as others such as linked below:


vfw slide face

Rosies Wish 2 (800x448)


Just to name a few of the awesome people that I have been in business with. I will be highlighting some of the others in later posts. Thanks for visiting. Until next post, lets stay connected. Subscribe to my news feed with MailChimp.