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Let Your Light Shine



This was the scripture I received today. I received this after being called out for watch a rap video by one of my favored rappers named Bizzle. While watching the video Not For Sale shown below a young man walked into the room and before listening to the words he belted out,”aren’t you a Christian!” Before I could say anything his mom said “boy listen to the words this is Christian music”, so he did and was shocked! I then told him that I know of some Christian rappers that will destroy any secular rapper you could think of and played “Hallelujah All Day” by Datin and it blew his mind. I thank God for them because now the door is open for me to share my faith in Jesus as well as some of my music and show that God is greater than he thinks and still relevant to the youth of this age and not old fashioned.

[sz-ytvideo url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z03qZxqwB4c” theme=”dark” cover=”local” responsive=”y” autoplay=”n” loop=”n” fullscreen=”y” disablekeyboard=”n” disableiframe=”n” disablerelated=”n” delayed=”n” schemaorg=”n” /]

It seems that this music can be used by God in many ways after all. Interested? Here are some of my favored albums at great prices from Amazon linked above.