Las Vegas Attorney Seeks Out Frivolous Lawsuits To Extort Money.

Las Vegas Attorneys Frivolous Lawsuit

Local Las Vegas Attorney Kurt Harris is at again with his frivolous lawsuit against me for being a whistleblower. It is not hard to believe that a Las Vegas Attorney Seeks Out Frivolous Lawsuits To Extort Money as I rarely ever trust attorney's and do not recall ever having good experiences with Attorneys especially after watching the documentary "When They See Us" by director Ava DuVernay.

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First lets start by reading the article in the Review Journal written by Doug Murdo:

Lawyer, CSN Professor Discover "New" Psychiatric Disorder Caused By HOA's.

by Doug Murdo


Feel angry? Anxious? Depressed and sad? Are you afraid you will lose your pet? Paranoid? Hopeless?

If so, you might have HOA Syndrome.

The Las Vegas legal tabloid Wild Wild Law took a playful punch today at Henderson attorney Kurt Harris, who is aggressively looking for clients who show most or all the symptoms of the syndrome, so-named because only people who live in neighborhoods with homeowners associations are apparently allowed to be restless, stressed out, unhappy in their own home and afraid to let their children play outside.

But Harris has friends in academia to help bolster his client base.

From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday at the Henderson campus of the College of Southern Nevada, CSN professor Gary Soloman will hold a HOA Syndrome Seminar.

Soloman believes HOAs deliberately and systematically target homeowners with “minor if not non-existent infractions” for the sole purpose of generating revenue.

“Like ravenous parasites, these organizations feed off of fear-based harassment,” he writes. “The homeowner, now locked into a mortgage, feels powerless over the HOA’s relentless hounding for more and more money.”

Soloman’s seminar will be held in room C133. CSN’s Henderson campus is located at 700 College Drive, between Horizon Drive and Foothill High School.

Harris for his part created one of the cheesier law firm Websites with his HOA Busters (who are you going to call?).

The site features two versions, classic and new, of a “Twilight Zone” episode that involves “monsters” coming to Maple Street. The plot in a nutshell: Neighbors turn on each other after a mysterious power outage hits that is so extreme phones won’t ring, radios won’t broadcast and even cars refuse to start.

Somewhere in there is a metaphor for the taking, but I frankly was so intrigued with the show – I prefer the classic version – I forgot to look for Harris’ point.

Long story short: If the medical world declares HOF Syndrome is a valid psychiatric disorder caused by Machiavellian leaders of homeowners associations, well, we suspect there would be multiple thousands of clients with cases.

The only question that remains is this one: Are the pockets deep enough to make everybody happy?

Doubtful. In fact, we have a feeling many stressed out HOAers will remain depressed and sad.

Perhaps Wild Wild Law put it best: What do you do when business is slow? Create your own niche, of course.

If you’re Kurt Harris, you make up an ailment, then you get an "expert" to legitimize it, then you offer to sue on behalf of people with your made-up ailment. Genius!


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Why this  Las Vegas Attorney Seeks Out Frivolous Lawsuits To Extort Money.

In my opinion, this shows a lot about the character and integrity of this attorney. Last year I was approached by several people who were complaining about a company call Equal Rights For Divorced Fathers since it was common knowledge in Las Vegas that I have done work for them in the past by designing business cards, creating banners, and posting online advertisements.

People were complaining that the Equal Rights For Divorced Fathers was no longer the same Fathers Rights Advocacy Group that it once was. That it had been bought by Kurt Harris and turned into paralegal service, under the disguise of 702 Dads which is used to lure fathers in to get their hard-earned money without real attorney representation unless you can afford the attorney fees. If you can afford the fees the only attorney you will be referred to is Kurt Harris according to reviews on Yelp.

Read Ryan W.'s review of Equal Rights For Divorced Fathers on Yelp

Last year I was approached by a client of Equal Rights For Divorced Fathers who wanted me to share some information about the company online. The information was very informative and conducive with some of the complaints that I have heard previously but with more detailed information in regards to the way the company was run. As a business owner myself and dealing with many other business owners, I could see that the information could possibly be true.

The client did not want their identity shared with anyone because of the current divorce and custody case. The client didn't want to be seen as angry or vengeful as that may be used against them in court, but the client was very hurt by what was happening so I chose to do what I could to help. After coming to a payment agreement I was given the information to post and I searched for a domain name. I then found that Equal Rights for Divorced Fathers was available and I purchased it from GoDaddy,  posted the content that they wrote and called them with the link for verification and approval.

I will let the Lord fight this battle.Since I previously had access to the Google Listing from the time that I set it up for the previous owner of Equal Rights For Divorced Fathers. I added the link to the Google Listing so that the client could find it easily. I give the client 24 hours to verify the information posted and to pay for the site. Which they did not and has no longer contacted me back to this day. I then placed the site under construction until contact was made again by the client. Apparently, Mr. Harris or someone on his marketing team was the first to see it.

The Case

Upon reading the content on the site Mr. Harris then assumes that the previous owner of the Equal Rights For Divorced Fathers had been the writer of the content due to the fact that very few people knew that he was involved in corruption and fraud in Case No: A-18-781255-C, it was brought to my attention by this client that Kurt Harris was the new owner and that he heard that the company was involved in fee-splitting with non-attorneys. Helping paralegals engage in the unauthorized practice of law. Failure to have a business license for the paralegal service he was running. Failure to pay payroll taxes because everyone was working off of the books and under the table, failure to report income. His employees have to give up 33 percent of their income to work there which creates fee gouging charging as much in order to make more money

Now that he has been exposed by the client Kurt is trying to win some money from the previous owner of the company and me to compensate for the business as it begins to fail. After watching the movie She Hate Me I felt empowered and compelled to share this information with everyone. All of this information is public record now.

The First Amendment

The first amendment to the Constitution says: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

It seems Mr. Kurt Kay Harris is attempting to silence my client and take away their right to speak freely due to the fact that if people learn about the truth it will hurt the business. Although my client wants to stay silent, I do not. I am not afraid of Mr. Harris and I will not allow him or the courts bully me into staying silent about this unlawful and unethical business practice. Especially since it is supposedly a law firm. There has been to many instances of lawyers who break the law when they think that they can get away with it. Some lawyers who know the law know just how far they can go without getting caught and then some go too far and get caught and are still never brought to justice. I plan to see Justice in this case.

First Amendment

First Amendment rights

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