Las Vegas Attorney Seeks Out Frivolous Lawsuits To Extort Money. Part 2

The Lost Case of Las Vegas Attorney Kurt Harris

This Las Vegas Attorney Kurt Harris has a long record of losing at frivolous court cases and suing anyone who tries to call him out on his lack of skill as an attorney. Here is more information we found online that is a public record about the Vegas Attorney Frivolous Lawsuits. This is a letter I found online from Dara Goldsmith of Goldsmith & Guymon.

The Letter

Dear Mr. Harris:

I am in receipt of your correspondence dated September 23, 2002, with regard to the above-referenced matter. Please note that your correspondence did not contain a copy of the proposed order you have inappropriately submitted. As such, please forward an unfiled stamped copy of the same to my office immediately so that I may review the same. Also please send me a file-stamped copy along with your Notice of Entry of Order upon receipt of the same.

Further, as you are aware, The Honorable Judge Robert W. Lueck expressly instructed the prevailing party to submit the order in question. As my client, the Clark County Public  Guardian's Office was the prevailing party, I find it troubling that you would submit an Order 1) against the direction of the Honorable Judge Robert W. Lueck. 2) without providing my office a copy of the same,  and 3) without giving my office an opportunity to review the order you submitted.

It is unfortunate you continue to shield your lack of skill, questionable ethics, and poor attitude with the pocketbook of your client. My office has continually made efforts with which to accommodate your client and her desires to keep the cost of the above-referenced case to a minimum. However, your continual failure to comply with the Guardianship Court procedures and Orders have made it next to impossible to conduct the above-referenced case with any cost efficiency. Sadly, the only party harmed by your inappropriate actions is that of your own client.

As " Pro-Bono" counsel for Ms. Armstrong, I would like to think that you are providing an invaluable service to your client. Unfortunately, your actions could not be further from the truth, Perhaps you should consider obtaining experienced co-counsel in this matter to assist you.

Lastly, I take pride in being an attorney and continually strive to reverse the negative stereotype associated with our profession. It is unfortunate that your tactics perpetuate the myth(s) that our profession is filled with shark-like personas, dishonest deals, and untrustworthy people.


Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.

Watch out for this Las Vegas Attorney Kurt Harris

Shady Business

This just an example that the Las Vegas Attorney Kurt Harris has been doing shady business since before I began to attempt to start a business. Just recently I was presented with more information via email from the previous associate of mine who is also now wrongfully involved in the case stating that it is true that Mr. Harris was committing the following ethics violations:

  1. Working under someone else business license because he wanted to not let anyone know he bought the business and wanted to work "off of the books" and "under the table."
  2. Unreported income - No bookkeeping at all of clients or income.
  3. The employee must pay 33% of income to work there.
  4. If they are using the Employees as Independent Contractors, where are the Business Licenses from the Secretary of the State and are they Certified and Bonded as required by law.
  5. Not paying payroll taxes, Social Security or Medicare.
  6. Unlicensed Practice of Law. Everyone was seen by unlicensed document preparers with no recourse for damages caused.
  7. Employee - Typist/document preparers unsupervised by an Attorney as required by the State Bar Association
  8. Fee splitting with typist and owner
  9. No in house Attorney at the office to interview clients. Clients were only seen by Cam Harris, George Boyer and Scott Caterer who are not Attorneys.

The Insiders Email

This action came as a shock to me. I would have expected Kurt to call me before filing such a silly action, but he decided to blindside me and file it before ever mentioning a thing to me. Had he at least me a letter I would have told him that I don't have access to the website any longer.

The agreement that Kurt wrote said that Kurt would ask for the password to the website in writing. Kurt did not ask for the password for the past four years. In fact, during the sale, I showed Cam Harris (Kurt's Son) the website which was about 15 years old at the time. Cam said they didn't want it, so I contacted Alan Hinden the webmaster to let him know that the business had been sold, that I was giving Cam his number and that Cam or Kurt would contact him when they wanted to put the website back up or if they needed information.

To the best of my knowledge, neither Cam or Kurt has ever contacted the webmaster. Mr. Hinden contacted me about 6 months later after I left ERDF in 2015 to ask if he could send me an invoice. I told him no because I'd sold the business and that Kurt or Cam should have contacted him. That's all I know. A few months later I checked and the website was down. That's also the reason why I thought the website was still available for purchase. If someone has since purchased the website, then Kurt would need to ask the owner for access to the website. To be continued...


The Domain Name

As a website developer, I have been training businesses to own their domain name. I work with GoDaddy Auctions: Find, buy & sell domain names The domain name is one of your best assets in the digital age and ever since the Dot Com boom Domain Names have become investment properties. Once you purchase a domain name it becomes your property unless it is Trademarked. As I stated in the previous article Part 1 There was no malicious intent on my part. I just published what my client wanted to be published and it just so happened that Kurt did not want to keep the domain name so I was able to purchase it.

Stay tuned for part 3. Coming soon.

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