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If You Could Take A Look Closer!

It Just Looks Good From The Outside!

This brother Bizzle is really being used by God in a major way. Just today on my way to work I played this song and God really spoke to me through him. Listen:

Who Do You Think I Am?

On the outside of my life, it looks like things are going pretty well. I am working a full-time job while building 2 businesses and just got approved to drive for Uber and Lyft. I am paying my child support but have very little time to spend with my kids. Although, when I do it is quality time and I always encourage them to keep their focus on their dreams and they all have goals to be entrepreneurs. I post scriptures to Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration mainly to make me feel a little better about myself and it keeps me content with the position I am in.

Who I really am!

Just like he mentioned in the song, I still struggle hard to fight lustful desires. My wife and I only see nearly eye to eye when we lay down to go to bed and even then we have our differences. My family does not show me any respect because I allow it in my life. Trying to be humble is really difficult when you have so much on your shoulders and none else to help you lift the weight. I have a lot of ideas and there are many ways that God has provided me to make things happen but ultimately, it is up to me choose to take the path that God has chosen and I don’t know which one it is.

It seems that no matter which path I take God seems to find a way to use me, but I just want to be where God wants me to be and do what God wants me to do at all times. That takes a lot of prayer and patience and I am so caught up in the world and my projects that I barely have the time to pray. Just I am writing this to you who are reading I am going to take this time to pray and Lord willing, I will share God’s answers when they come.

My Prayer

Dear heavenly Father;

Forgive me for my prideful heart and for the lustful desires of the flesh that I struggle with everyday. I repent and I pray that you give me the strength to cast out the demons that are tormenting me. Remove the spirit of anger from my heart and give me an Agape love in replacement. I know that I have not made the time for you and I am sorry. I let the burdens of life overwhelm me like a fool. I know that you hold the whole world in your hands and that you are all that I need. You have provided the food for us to eat to live, the air we breathe, and the ground for shelter. 

I ask that you lead me into the position that you desire for me to be in. and that it pleases you and advances your Kingdom here on this earth. In Jesus name I pray. 


What Do You Think?

Today, I really feel like doing something different. I would like to see how many people that I can reach with this particular post and the prayer. I will be frequently adding to this post and answering any comments that I receive no matter if they are positive or negative but I really feel that people are dissing my belief because they do not understand them so I encourage you to challenge me or to share with me why you believe whatever it is that you believe and let’s start some dialogue between each other.  Leave your comments, thoughts, and suggestions below if you please.