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How Bad Do You Want To Be Successful?

When You Want Success As Bad As You Want To Breathe!

I talk to people at work every day. Yes, I am currently still working. For the time being, but anyway, like I was saying.  As I talk to people, it seems like they have no hope in life. I have shown many of them other options to make money outside of work. Some people think that working for someone else is their only option and I really feel bad for them.

I am still waiting for some of them to join my team and excuses keep coming up. I don’t make or take excuses. You can’t take excuses to the bank. Your landlord won’t take excuses. Neither do I! I am going to be successful with or without them, so the best thing to do would be to keep up with me now before I reach my goal.

I refuse to lose! When you want success as bad as you want to breathe, you will have it. If you ever felt like you were suffocating and had to fight for air, you fight really hard for it. Well, that is how I am feeling now and every day I go to work in this huge factory where we barely make enough to live on. The difference between me and all of them is that I have multiple streams of income.

We are living in the land of opportunity but it seems as if only foreigners are willing to take advantage of it. I am tired of hearing excuses to why people are broke. It’s like they are afraid of money or something! Well I am not. Lets Get It!

This is life!!!