Google Ads Recommends the Best Campaign Types for Specific Business Goals by @MattGSouthern

Google Ads has created a new workflow that informs advertisers of the ideal campaign types for specific business goals.

After opening the workflow, advertisers can select their goal and Google Ads will display the matching campaign types.

Simply click on campaign type to begin creating it. It’s as easy as that.

Here is a complete list of advertising goals and corresponding campaign types included in the workflow.
  • Goal: Sales
    • Campaign types: Search, Display, Shopping
  • Goal: Leads
    • Campaign types: Search, Display, Shopping, Video
  • Goal: Website traffic
    • Campaign types: Search, Display, Shopping, Video
  • Goal: Product and brand consideration
    • Campaign types: Display, video
  • Goal: Brand awareness and reach
    • Campaign types: Display, Video
  • Goal: App promotion:
    • Campaign type: Universal App

Google Ads will also surface other relevant suggestions based on advertising goals, when applicable.

Other suggestions may include campaign subtypes, ad formats, and ad extensions, and bidding focus.

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