Fathers in the Hood. Why don’t we know our rights as a Father?

This show is straight raw. Uncut and unedited. The edited version will be available soon but we wanted to get it out to you now and give it to you real.

As a young man who grew up in the streets of Las Vegas, we were not taught anything about being a father to our children. Much less how to be real men to our woman or women. Now that babies are having and raising babies it has become even worse in society for men to try to raise other men up to be men. but we are resilient.

This episode is about Fathers in the Hood and some things you should know about the courts and how they are designed to work against us black fathers.

Special Guest Ernest Del Casal, a father's rights activist for over 30+ years. For more info visit https://familycourthelpline.com/

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