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Don’t Let A Job Be Your Only Source of Income!

image from Forbes.com

image from Forbes.com

How To Get Out Of The Cubicles!

There are lots of people who only think there is only one legal way to acquire an income. Trust me, I am around them every day! I always talk to people about other ways of acquiring income. Even this website is one of many ways which I make money. Just depending on 1 source of income is in my opinion for lazy people.

Here is why I say that.

Everyone that I know who just has a job pays their bills and are broke again and then they complain about being broke while watching people who are getting paid to be on TV. They have their favorite TV shows that they watch religiously and when offered an opportunity they would rather not miss their TV show. People wonder why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor? I’ll tell you. It’s because the poor waste time and the rich value time.

According to Google:Land-of-Opportunity-Header

They call the United States the land of opportunity. Do you know why?  Many immigrants view the United States as the land of opportunity because it presents them with life options they may not have had in their countries. Employment that could lead to economic stability is a big draw that foreign-born Americans pursue diligently.


When I hear those people who are looking for a job complain about not having one. I often wonder about the people who have jobs but still want more out of life. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her think, in the words of Katt Williams.

Are you tired yet?

Tired of not going anywhere in life. just working enough to pay your bills. Then it is time for a plan B.

Here is another opportunity to get you mind right.

Read This!

More About “The Millionaire Mind!”

“Readers with an entrepreneurial turn of mind will devour The Millionaire Mind because it provides road maps on how millionaires found their niches.”After its first publication, Dr. Thomas J. Stanley’s second best-seller The Millionaire Mind spent four months on the New York Times best-seller list, rising to position #2, and has sold over half a million copies. Here is the first paperback edition of Stanley’s second groundbreaking study of America’s wealthy.

The Millionaire Mind targets a population of millionaires who have accumulated substantial wealth and live in ways that openly demonstrate their affluence. Exploring the ideas, beliefs, and behaviors that enabled these millionaires to build and maintain their fortunes, Dr. Stanley provides a fascinating look at who America’s financial elite are and how they got there.

*What were their school days like?

*How did they respond to negative criticism?

*What are the characteristics of the millionaire’s spouse?

*Is religion an important part of their lives?

The author uncovers the surprising answers to these and similar questions, showing readers through concrete examples just what it is that makes the wealthy prosper when others would turn away dejected or beaten.

The Millionaire Mind promises to be as transformational as Dr. Stanley’s previous best-seller. This book answers universal questions with solid statistical evidence in an approachable, and anecdotal style. The number of copies sold of this soon-to-be-classic will surely be in the millions.