Exercise bikes are one of the best fitness gadgets that exist both for toning and cardiovascular exercise for type. With stationary bicycles, you can work your lower muscles while burning calories.

Why are exercise bikes one of the best-selling fitness equipment?

Without a doubt, the answer is because the stationary bicycle is comfortable and can be used by all types of users: children, young adults and the elderly. They can also be used for the recovery of muscle injuries (always with the advice of an expert).

Maybe you do not know, but there are different types of static bicycles:

- Static exercise bike (and economical)

- Magnetic static bicycle

- Ergometric static bicycle

- spinning bike

- Recumbent static bicycle

Static and economical exercise bike Space is no longer an excuse!

It is one of the cheapest bicycles on the market and, of course, the one that occupies less space, although it does have different levels of resistance, up to eight, which are manually changed with a wheel that is placed in front of the saddle. At Lifefitnessbike.com you will get the perfect guide on stationary bikes.

Magnetic static bicycle

Ideal for people who need to do some exercise every day, but at the same time do not want to invest a lot of money, or complicate their lives with the advances in technology. In general, static magnetic bicycles usually have a padded and comfortable saddle, the console goes to batteries and does not have predetermined training programs, but they do report the distance traveled, speed, time and many of them the pulsations. The resistance is manual and they do not need electricity.

Exercise bike ergometer

Unlike magnetic, these ergometric bicycles are usually connected to light, the console offers more features such as preset programs, and resistance is electrical, facilitates user comfort. The price is higher than magnetic bicycles.

Spinning bicycle or indoor cycle

The best option for active people with a lot of energy to burn is the perfect option for indoor training of professionals and cycling enthusiasts. Training with a spinning bike is fun, and you can generate intense workouts with the rhythm of the music: simulating fast and flat pedaling, strong mountain climbs and sprints with descents.

Recumbent static bicycle

The exercise bikes recumbent is even more comfortable because of the position of the body and wider and padded seats. This type of seats in recumbent exercise machines makes it concentrate more on the calf muscle and also in the lower part of the abdomen. There are advanced models of this type of devices with an LCD monitor that calculates the heart rate and pulse. These machines are widely used in medical therapies. Recumbent bicycles are used by all types of users although they are usually obtained by adults and elderly.

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