Headsets can help improve a game’s experience as one of the main players responsible for a high-quality game is audio. Therefore, choosing a good phone helps avoid not only “lowers the sound” of other people, but also helps in communication and immersion in the game.  The Best Wireless Gaming Headset is used more by kids while playing the game to get a better effect. The Wireless Gaming Headset Reviews are important in some of the review the product review rate may be down and some will be high. Here it is to be said that the review is important before buying a gaming headset. The Gaming Headset is available under 100 and their effects are amazing to hear.

1. Stereo or surround sound

Stereo sound (2.0) has two outputs, which does not guarantee perfect audio performance. Surround technology has two options: 5.1 and 7.1, where the first number corresponds to the number of sound channels. Both have an output and a subwoofer for bass. What is a subwoofer for? Know a little of this technology The difference in quality between the two surround options is not drastic, but 7.1 headsets are often more expensive than 5.1.

2. Noise-canceling

Those who play in very noisy environments should think of a noise-canceling headset. This is because it is easier for your playmates to listen to you without intervention, increasing immersion in the game.

3. Open Sound

If your case is the opposite of the above, look for an “open” headset. It has air passage in the headphones, offering a sound closer to the “live”. Exactly because of this, they do not block external sounds. It also heats less and may be more comfortable for some people.

4. Comfort

The player who stays for hours in front of the screen needs to have a comfortable headset in the long run. Devices with cushions guarantee more time without disturbing. In addition, wireless headsets allow for more mobility.

5. Platform

Not all headsets are compatible with all console and computer operating systems. Therefore, it is important to know where the handset will be used (computer, PlayStation, Xbox, among others) so as not to risk buying incompatible equipment.

6. Power

The power of the headset is what determines how loud the sound will be. That is, if you want to hear the audio very loud, you should look for the headphones with more power. A good handset starts with 50miliwatts power and the most powerful ones can reach 150mw.

7. Sensitivity

Sensibility walks along with power. It is the one that defines the maximum volume that the sound can reach. In practice, for every milliwatt of power, it shows a certain amount of decibels. It is important to note that 85 decibels are enough to cause hearing damage. However, the market can work with up to 100 decibels.

8. Impedance

It is responsible for preventing the audio from the frequency of electric power from interfering with the sound being heard. In this way, the higher the impedance – in the best devices the number varies from 26 to 32 ohm – the better the sound quality

9. Microphone

Most headsets bring more technology into the audio part, leaving the microphone a bit overlooked. Exactly why, the best microphones are often built into more expensive headphones. To know the quality, it is important to test it before buying.



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