Everything You Need to Know About Traveling to Antarctica

how to get to antarctica: waving the antarctica flag on the continentAntarctica is the southernmost continent that’s still a mystery to most travelers. This frozen landmass is governed by few different countries (including the United States) and there are no cities or hotels there either, only a few research stations. If you want to cross the 7th continent off your bucket list, here are a few […]

A Guide to Magical Montreux, Switzerland: the Perfect Place for a Winter Vacation

Switzerland’s alpine peaks, turquoise lakes, wooden chalets, and rolling hills, attract visitors year-round. Those looking to take a winter break will find plenty of spots around the country offering some of the longest ski runs in Europe, powdery mountains, and cozy log cabins. But if you want to combine unique winter sports with some culture, […]

12 Places in New York City Where You Can Relive the 1930s

The 30s was a fascinating decade for New York City. Between Prohibition-era speakeasies, soaring skyscraper construction, and five World Series wins for the Yankees, NYC went through a lot. It was during this time that the city earned its “Big Apple” moniker—either from popular slang used by jazz musicians or because of the many apple […]