OP-ED: What I’m thankful for this season

(Photo: iStockphoto / NNPA)NNPA NEWSWIRE — I want to give thanks for a human right that shaped our country throughout the 20th century and that made Thanksgiving possible for so many Americans who, like me, didn’t get here by way of the Mayflower. A human right that gives millions the time, the security, the good health and the ability to share this holiday with the people they love. Make that a globally recognized fundamental human right, and one written into our constitution that is known as Collective Bargaining.

COMMENTARY: Becoming numb to mass shootings

What makes this outrageous is that Trump’s own Justice Department has noted that the main domestic terrorist threat comes from white supremacists and neofascists, not from Muslim extremists or anyone on the Left.NNPA NEWSWIRE — There is no easy way to avoid becoming numb to mass shootings and random violence. When you read about it or hear about it or witness it nearly every day and you conclude that it will not change, your mind searches for safety. That “safety” plays itself out in our becoming less shocked and—to be blunt—more accepting of the reality that our children may get killed at school or that our family or friends may get shot at a parking lot or by an outraged former employee at any number of facilities. The mind says to us that we cannot exist on a permanent level of tension and anxiety.

OP-ED: California Must Reform Discriminatory Gang Suppression Scheme

The current gang suppression scheme only exists because it is politically expedient. It makes it easier for prosecutors to rack up wins, even if those wins are wildly unfair and result in wrongful incarcerationLOS ANGELES SENTINEL — “These laws create a separate system of justice for communities of color, with criminal charges that don’t require actual wrongdoing, and lead to longer sentences, restricted fundamental freedoms, and a tilted playing field in the courtroom. The legal consequences are clear: more Black and Brown bodies pulled from their families and communities, locked up, and forgotten. But these legal consequences are just the beginning. The truth about California’s gang suppression scheme is that it’s not just putting people in prison, it’s stripping entire communities of their futures. And because of that, it’s making us all less safe.”