Meet Michael Franklin Jr.

Hi, I am Michael Franklin Jr. I am not W. Kamau Bell. Just a regular guy with pretty exciting gifts and abilities when it comes to graphics, website design, and internet marketing.  I was born in Compton, Ca. but raised in Las Vegas, NV from the age of around 6. I'm currently married with 5 adult children and 1 teenager.

For the last 12 years, I have been developing marketing materials, branding and growing the web presence of the various companies in my portfolio.


My goal is to create a marketing and advertising company that everyone can be proud of. As a person with an artistic background which stems from my Mother who was a terrific artist. I am choosing to use my gifts and talents to mold the world around me into a work of art. All while enjoying this created world made by the one true God.

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Our Approach

My Vision

I love to create! Art is hereditary in my family. My family tells me that my mom was an artist. Both of my brothers are artistic although we have different mothers. My son and daughters also have the artist in their DNA.

Our Story

My Story

Michael Franklin Jr. started MCNM Marketing in 2006 after over 15 years of work as a warehouse and customer service associate.

Michael has worked at great companies such as Station Casinos, Bally Technologies, and Xtreme Manufacturing (Ahern Rentals). After working and excelling quickly from his hard work, ability to learn fast and improve upon such great companies as Nevada Installation Services.

He began to enter full time into the field of technology as a web developer and public relations consultant. Michael currently holds 4 Adobe Certifications in Graphic Design from Las Vegas Professional Institute of Technology & Accounting and desires to share his ability to connect online and offline with the owners of corporations in the Las Vegas area.

Next Steps...

Explore some more of the tools that I use for clients to get them noticed online and off.