When a musician gives (not free of charge, of course) his own name to a musical gadget, this already looks like a fruitful collaboration. Before you, in fact, the freshest fruit. No Fluff Tech this will be useful for getting more tips about gadgets, musical, electronics etc.

  1. Beats Mixer


In the famous brand for a large red-letter B that neither model, then in honor of the star. And if the intra-channel headphones with Bieber's physiognomy is a marketing move with the expectation of school girls. Headphones are made with an eye on professional DJs and in a certain sense are unique: in order to hear the track with one ear and the dance floor with the other, not the ear cushions individually, but part of the body turn here. The sound is also characteristic: more and more attention to paid to low frequencies, but they are not soft and mumbling here, as in other Beats, but sharp and sharp - for easy mixing of music during a DJ set.

  1. Fischer Audio

 Three factors at once make these headphones noticeable: they also sound great! Known in the world of the brand, on account of which more than a dozen successful models, decided to release the "nominal" model. They gave them four prototypes to choose from. The best - went to the series. In addition, the musicians chose the wood type and texture, embouchure material and headbands. As a result, the headphones turned out to be “audiophile”: the sound is accurate enough to hear all the nuances of high-quality recording. True, it is necessary to spend money on a high-quality source of this very sound.

  1. SMS Audio SYNC

The brand was created in the wake of the success of a similar product, so there are quite a few external similarities. The same glossy plastic, wireless connection.  However, there is a significant difference: SMS Audio has a more restrained, quiet sound, without sharp drops in frequencies, and, therefore, more truthful. And although it’s still far from the studio <a href=" https://project.veja-store.com/en/single/transparency/">Transparency</a>, people who are seriously interested in hip-hop and adjacent musical directions will definitely give their preference to SYNC. 

  1. Philips A5-PRO

The A5-PRO headphones only the blind does not recognize the DJ in you. The time was enough for him to choose this model from a dozen or two prototypes. But this is a choice that is necessary: the turning mechanism of the ear cushions is convenient, the wire is securely fixed, and the headband is stronger than the head itself. The sound is a little softer than it should be, but it is very correct to set up with the expectation of trans and house music. And soundproofing on top!

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