26 Incredible Things to do in Los Angeles Vacation

Los Angeles popular known as LA is a contradicting city. From open cityscape to beautiful neighborhoods, wild tourist temptations, spectacular beaches, bike lanes, and freeways the city has all. The city will leave you wanting for extra, the more you explore it. Popular destinations of Los Angeles range from surfing on the beaches to enjoying snowboarding on the snow-capped mountains. Not just for nature and adventures, the scintillating city attracts movie buffs, shoppers and foodie from across the US and world.

Though many say it is an expensive place for a holiday, still, being a huge city you will also find lots of affordable places to eat live and enjoy the holiday. So, if you are planning a vacation there is a wide range of cheap flights to Los Angeles. We believe our guide to explore the magnificent city will surely help you in making the trip unforgettable.

1 – Hollywood Walk of Fame and TLC Chinese Theatre

A trip to this stunning city is incomplete without visiting the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame and TLC Chinese Theatre both located at the same place. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is ingrained with hand and footprints of popular Hollywood stars and athletes on the sidewalk. The attraction open to tourists 24 hours a day with most of the popular names located between 6800 and 6900 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard.

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2 – Getty Center

The billion-dollar Getty Center situated in Brentwood, LA, positions the city as one of the most sought out places for art enthusiasts. Richard Meier the celebrated architect designed the center featuring travertine marble, galleries illuminated with natural light, Greek antiquities and stunning exhibits of furniture and arts, courtesy French monarchy. Again a great place to go and explore the best of Los Angeles has to offer.

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3 – Disneyland

If you are thinking about where to spend vacations in Los Angeles Disneyland is the answer. Termed as the “Happiest Place on the Earth” the place attracts children and adults of all ages. There is so much to see inside this popular amusement park such as famed Disney characters, Hollywood centric attractions and more. There are also various cafes; restaurants, bars, and clubs perfect to enjoy the break and refreshments.

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4 – Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive, the famous address for shoppers in LA where famous brands such as Gucci, Versace, and Cartier adorns the streets. Stroll the cobblestone road of Via Rodeo exploring the city. Many high-end restaurants decked the place offering people to enjoy a fine dining experience. And if you think that the place is only famous for the rich, think again, because the place has affordable restaurants and shopping spots also.

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5 – Dodger Stadium

For diehard baseball fans, Dodger Stadium in LA is the electrifying place to catch a game. Undoubtedly, attending a baseball game at the Dodger Stadium should be on the top list of your things to do in Los Angeles. Since the opening of the Stadium in 1962, the stadium has hosted several thrilling World Series with Dodgers winning it four times. With several flights to Los Angeles making it simple to attend the game.

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6 – Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier situated in Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica attracts locals and tourists to this vibrant beach destination. The place with its rejuvenating ambiance and a plethora of games along with Ferry ride perfect for an exciting day out. While enjoying all this, you can also opt for a leisure day at the spectacular beach. The place is perfect for an evening stroll to see the bewitching sunset at the Pacific Ocean.

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7 – Venice Beach Boardwalk

A colorful beach destination in LA famous for its boardwalk. Enjoy the best of Venice Beach especially during weekend afternoons. Locals go to the beach to gaze the mesmerizing sunset. Other activities you could engage in are racquetball, handball, shuffleboard, and basketball. While strolling the area you can also find magicians, fortune tellers and artists showcasing their talent.

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8 – Marvin Braude Bike Trail

Marvin Braude Bike Trail, popularly known as The Strand is a beautiful paved bicycle path that runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles. As a tourist, you can visit this beautiful bike trail enjoying a stroll and scenic sunset. The pathway also passes through the famous Santa Monica State Beach another major beach attraction and finally ending at the Washington Boulevard in Venice to the South.

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9 – Farmers Market

The Farmers Market in Los Angeles is yet another magnificent spot to go and interact with the locals. Established in 1934 by a group of farmers, today the market has more than 85 shops and restaurant catering the taste buds of every customer ranging from Brazilian grill to French creperie and juicy Lebanese kebab. Close the Farmers Market located the ‘The Grove’ – a perfect place where celebrities visit frequently.

10 – Griffith Park

Griffith Park, a colossal municipal park located in the Santa Monica Mountains again is a beautiful place to explore. The park with its trails, roads and bridle paths make it perfect to walk and enjoy the landscape. A trudge along the popular route of Mount Hollywood treats you with a panoramic view of Los Angeles basin, the famous Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory.

11 – Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway which passes through Los Angeles is one of the most scenic driveways globally. A miles drive down on this stunning highway will expose you to the bewitching panoramic views, turquoise waters and more. While driving you can also stop at the scintillating Topanga State Beach, Zuma Beach and El Matador beach. To enjoy the city within your budget you can opt for the lowest fares flights.

12 – Venice Canals

The Venice Canals built by the Abbot Kinney in 1905
offers locals a quaint escape to enjoy nature. The canal home to several birds
such as herons, pelicans, parrots, egrets and more, adorned by a number of
bridges perfect for a memorable photo option. On visiting here, you will also
find lots of solitude place to contemplate the surrounding beauty. Undoubtedly,
Venice Canals make it a perfect place to escape from the frenzy city life.

13 – Watts Towers

The Watt Towers made up of scrap metal and concrete
are a series of 17 interwoven towers, decorated with discarded objects such as
glass bottles, volcanic rock, ceramic tile and more. The tower conceptualizes
by an Italian construction cum artist Sabato “Simon” Rodia. These towers admired
for their out of box thinking and could be viewed at the Simon Rodia Historic
State Park for free.

14 – Angeles National Forest

Angeles National Forest attracts nature lovers, hikers, and day-trippers to explore this beautiful landscape. One of the beautiful places of Los Angeles, locals frequently visit this park to indulge in boating, biking, running and the list goes on. But for tourists, if you have time this place is most recommended. You can enjoy a day drive to the Mt. Baldy and savoring spectacular views from 10,000 feet.

15 – The Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museums of Contemporary Arts (MOCA) consists of three museums in one. It showcases various exhibitions by well-known and emerging artists, also having one of the greatest collections of modern day art. There is so much to explore with 6000 piece collection contains stunning works by various leading artists.

16 – Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl a world-famous amphitheater located in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. The venue has been enlisted in the top 10 best music venues in America. Opened in 1922, the outdoor amphitheater attracts both locals and tourists. Its sheer size and glitzy ambiance make it is one of the favorite visiting place of Los Angeles. If you are visiting LA then, it is highly recommended to visit this place for a once in a lifetime experience.

17 – Lake Hollywood Park

Lake Hollywood Park is one of the major places to visit in Los Angeles. The park is also famous as from here you can see and get a close-up photo of the famous Hollywood sign. A nice place to enjoy a leisurely stroll. Also, the park is famous for two hiking paths – one path will take you around the reservoir while the other will take you up to the world- the famous Hollywood sign.

18 – The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle is a great place to go and witness some of the fantastic magical tricks. Not just this castle also serves a congregation place for illusionists, mentalists and many others performing daily. Though getting inside the castle is a trick, as you have to be invited by a magician to get the entry. But, you can also drop a mail to a magician who is performing there on that specific day asking him if he is interested in inviting you.

19 – Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studio Hollywood attracts both movie buffs and fun seekers. This place attracts tourists with its theme parks impersonating various Hollywood blockbusters such as Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Universal City Walk. The park will engage for the full day of your tour, so it is better to pre-plan your trip before visiting the place. Visiting the studio is one of the best things to do in Los Angeles.

20 – ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood

In LA people take their movies seriously. The burgeoning movie scene of Los Angeles perfectly defined by the ArcLight Cinemas theatre. Watching a movie here is an experience of a lifetime as each movie introduced by a live announcer. If you are lucky you might catch any of Hollywood’s popular directors, as they frequently visit the place. A nice place to go, relax and spent the day.

21 – Los Angeles County Museum of Art

One of the most cherished museums located in Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles offers many celebrated artworks such as the famous Chris Burden’s Urban Light sculpture made up of over 220 restored cast iron antique street lamp beautifully doting the location. Inside the museum, there are art collections of more than 120,000 objects ranging from ancient time to contemporary art.

22 – Chinatown

The Chinatown of LA is like any other China town found around the world. A famous Los Angeles vacation spot, you must include it in your travel itinerary as the place has lots to offer. Try delicious Chinese food and enjoy fine dining at a famous restaurant located in the area. Saunter the street and uncover the colorful and vibrant ambiance exploring several art galleries on Chung King Road.

23 – Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is a popular 22-mile long road stretch starting from Hollywood to mesmerizing Malibu beach and passing through some of the most famous areas of Los Angeles such as Beverly Hills, Bel Air, UCLA and Brentwood. On your visit to LA, a drive on this stretch makes it perfect to see the different colors of the city. Along the road, there are famous fine dine restaurants and major attractions.

24 – Shop El Pueblo de Los Angeles

The El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument is one of the oldest sections of Los Angeles. The district was a center under several colonial rules such as Spanish, Mexican and also under the US rule from the 19th century onwards. The plaza also has several major sites such as the Olvera Street, Avila Adobe, Old Plaza Firehouse and more. A great place to explore and know more about the history of LA.

25 – Taco Trucks

The one thing commonly found in Los Angeles is the Taco Trucks. Angelinos love their tacos and the best way to find the best taco truck is to ask locals or simply do some research by you. Just gorge into these lovely and delicious tacos while sauntering the streets. The best thing about these Taco trucks is that they are easily found all over the city. These trucks definitely top the list of amazing places in Los Angeles.

26 – Artist District

Once an industrial area, the Artist District in LA has been the abode of the artists since 1970s. Today the district has now been conferring the title of being the official Downtown LA Arts District. The street with its stunning street art, murals, and trendy eatery establishment has made the Art District a big thing. To visit this place you can opt for a guided tour to admire the art scene.

Los Angeles with its scintillating touristy scene attracts over a million tourists annually. The destination welcomes everybody from a rich traveler to a budget backpacker. The best way to save huge on your vacation is to book cheap flight tickets to LA.

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