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Posted by Michael Franklin Jr. on Friday, September 4, 2020


Welcome, I am Michael Franklin Jr. an Internet Marketing Service Provider.

As a business marketing consultant, I, Michael Franklin Jr. am a specialist in internet marketing, Graphics, and Website Design.

When great deals come my way I love to share them with others.  I can help you get your domain name and hosting at a lower cost.

This is what I do.


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Family Man

My family means everything to me.

All that I do is to benefit my family for generations to come.

This business that I am building is to provide my family and friends with an income that will last forever.

I invest time, energy and money into ideas that will someday grow into multimillion-dollar entities.

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Social Activist

There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ is the son of the Almighty God, the creator of all things as we know it.

However, I know that it is my duty to fight for good and stand up or take a knee for the sake of justice. So don't get to mad when I comment on your Facebook post to stand up for the ones who can't.

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Since 1993


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Thanks for stopping by to visit me. Whether you know me personally or not, I'm glad you are here to get to know more about me.

Now, let's get down to the business of why you were invited to MichaelFranklinJr.com.

Everyone who has been around me for the last 15 years knows that my goal is to help everyone succeed at their goals. I use every internet marketing tool that I have in my arsenal to do it, and I have a lot of tools.

I am one of the owners and developers of MCNM Marketing, an international Website Design, development and internet marketing business.

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Just like the great tools I have listed above, explore the site more and I'm sure you will find something too irresistible to pass up